Friday, March 20, 2009

Doc bands

So my babies have mis-shaped heads, don't we all. 
We knew that Sami's poor head was going to need some intervention but was surprised when the pediatrician gave us a referral for Wes and Sami to get doc bands. Seth and I have been discussing for weeks on the best course of action. Thinking Weston's would probably fix itself, we leaned towards not getting him one. But our insurance does not cover the doc bands at all. We get half off the second band if they got them together (another "twin" discount). If we waited to see if Weston corrected on his own and didn't, the process would drag on double the time. We have weekly adjustment visits that he would already be at. I know they are two separate kids but I like them doing things together. I feed them cereal together, when Weston's eczema flares up they both stop eating cereal for a few days. I bathe them the same day, not one today and the other tomorrow. Sami and Wes got the bands on Monday, it took a few days to adjust. In the mean time I had cranky babies and Weston's eczema had flared up the weekend before making his adjustment a little harder. Sami and Weston are doing great now. 
Sami and Wes doing a little clothes-less belly time while waiting during consult. Seth loves this picture....
3rd day wearing helmets
Today...Weston showing his mobility still
Sami is very good at finding her thumb
Wes prefers playing in gym where he can stand and see everything or on floor and turning circles
Sami likes toys. She sits propped up in the pack in play with all the toys in her reach.  


AZMarianos said...

They are so freaking cute!

Amilee Farr said...

I can't believe how much bigger they are! and I just love how chunky they are. Grady has exzema and the best thing that I did for him was give him probiotics. They are awesome. There is a baby food called Happy baby that has probiotics in the cereal for the little guys. Grady loved eating it. You can find it at Target.