Sunday, February 15, 2009

Missing BO-BO

Bo wasn't good at sitting on my lap for long periods of time. He was still young and he had a short attention span. But the above picture was Bo cuddling with me on the day of our 3rd transfer just about a year ago. Maybe that's the reason it worked!

Bo has had a hard last (let's say) 6 months. I tried to put some space between Bo and I before the babies were born. I didn't want Bo to get jealous or misplaced all at once, so I was slowly getting him used to less attention from me. Bo needs lots of attention, if you've been to our house you'd know. He sits on your lap whether you want him to or not...
We have been noticing that Bo needs more attention then we can give, but were hoping he could wait it out a bit. Because Bo is such a lovable guy, some friends of ours fell in love with him and offered to give him a new home. It took us about a month but circumstances came about that made us decide. 
Seth and I didn't think Bo could live without Cooper (but that Cooper would be happy without Bo). So Friday night Bo went to his new family for an over night stay. If he freaked out he would come home the next night, if he loved it we had to decide if we could give him up. 
Bo loved the family of 5 and all the attention, Seth and I decided that's what he needs and we had to let him go. I didn't realize it was going to be this tough. I miss him so bad it hurts but I want him to be happy and he hasn't been happy with us lately. 
I was in denial that he would like another family and didn't say goodbye, I just packed up his things like he would be gone for a few days. He is about 45 minutes away from us now. I need to take over the rest of his things and say a real goodbye soon. I am looking forward to and dreading at the same time. How much is that going to hurt?

On the other hand Cooper seems to be perking up a bit with Bo gone!


SJ Hollist said...

I miss Bo too... I feel like I've lost a good friend, and that's something I've not felt like I've had much of since we moved to Texas. I never thought I'd miss him this much, but I also feel that he's happier were he is now. Cooper never liked Bo, and that's even more obvious now (that's one reason I call him a but-head all the time), but Cooper is also more of the kind of dog we can deal with right now. Don't get me wrong, I like cooper and would miss him too, but he doesn't try to make you happy the way Bo does.

It seems silly to me to get so emotional over a stupid little dog, but this experience has reminded me of all the other sacrifices I've made in the last few years to gain all the blessings we now have; especially our two precious little babies.

I've always felt life was tough, but persevering thew the hard times is what helps us to grow and become better people; especially if we keep the right perspective on life - always remembering the eternal consequences of our actions and desires.

AZMarianos said...

Oh Marsha and Seth! I'm so sorry. It's hard to let something go (or someone in this case!) even though you know it would be better for them. It doesn't make it easier on you. My parents put our old dog to sleep last year. I had gotten this dog as a puppy when I was in HS and she actually lasted this long but was really struggling. I didn't think it would matter too much because she was just a dog. BUT, it did matter and it was sad! I'm sorry for you! Maybe you could still get updates on Bo?