Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rest of the Arizona Pictures

I've been slow at posting more pictures from our trip to Arizona. The babies travelled very well and got a bit spoiled from all the attention.
Wes and Sami in the hotel room during the drive back to Texas. No screaming from being in the car seat all day long. Just chilin on the hotel bed.
Sami in a doll highchair at my Aunt Clarice's
Sami and Weston soaking up the attention.
Lori's kids Cameron and Devin holding Weston and Samantha.
My brother Jeff talking to the babies.
First trip to the park. They decided not to play.  Just soak in the sun.
Weston and Jeff
Everytime I turned around Jeff was talking to the babies. If I was out of the room and they were fussing Jeff would entertain them for me.What a great uncle! We miss you Jeff.

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