Sunday, January 18, 2009

Visiting Arizona

The babies and I have been in Arizona for a week now. We have had so much fun! I have eatin at Tia Rosas 3 times and counting...
On Friday Grandma, Mandi and Emily, Babies and I all spent some time at moms. My kids are a month and a half older then Emily, but they looked huge next to her.
My Grandma holding Emily (Justin and Mandi's youngest), My Mom holding Samantha
Weston smiling, Samantha chillin...
Emily and Samantha (Mandi and I bought matching outfits without realizing)

So happy I don't have triplets!
Sami, Weston and Emily

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runningfan said...

Marsha! It's fun to see you again. What adorable children you have! Thanks for getting in touch!