Saturday, December 6, 2008


We did not have Thanksgiving alone this year... like we did our first year in Texas. Trevor and Monica invited us over. Thank you so much...I was worried another dog would loose his sight (long story).
I made pumpkin pies and green bean casserole, I know shocking. Seth made candied yams. Seth and I got the turkey ready, then took to Peterson's to cook. 

Weston dressed up for Thanksgiving
Samantha....the ruffles on the tushie and the hat are the funnest part of this outfit! Too bad you can't see either. 
Monica and I playing peanuts....
While Seth takes care of babies
Thankfully babies slept though the dinner.....
...and part of card games after dinner....
...but not all of games. Kristy, Kevin, Samantha, Weston and me. (Trevor's brother and sister-in-law)
Trevor and Samantha

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