Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blessing Day

We blessed the twins in church today. As Samantha is a whole minute older she was first. Daddy did a great job, then he brought me Samantha and he blessed Weston. Daddy did a great job for Weston also. Brother decided to start fussing as Samantha's prayer started, so lets just say Mom was distracted for both blessings. 

Smiling Sami
Weston was hungry and not happy to take pictures.
Sorry Wes....Sami just looked so cute, so this picture made the blog. 
Grandpa Rand holding Weston and Samantha.


Kaylynn said...

beautiful. It was nice to see Rand in the pictures! Hi Uncle Rand, you look very happy!

Unknown said...

I'm glad we could be there today. They are so cute!