Saturday, October 25, 2008

Grandma goes home

Mom and Weston in car, before picking up my cousin Kay at airport. She is helping with twins for a few days, while I'm still recovering. We are so happy she is here. 
These were taken yesterday. Babies are wearing outfits that Grandma Marla bought and sent to us right after we found out the gender of the twins. 

Grandma went home today. But first she dressed up babies and we took some family pictures. Samantha's outfit was a little big, but isn't she sweet?
Weston had a rough night and day. He is gasy and had a hard time sleeping. Luckily he is getting some sleep now. He calms down pretty good in Dad's arms. 
Our first family picture. 
Grandma holding twins before she went to the airport. We miss you Grandma! Thanks for all your help!


Adrienne Mason said...

Congratulations Seth & Marsha! They are so cute. We wish you the best of luck with them. Hope you get some sleep!

LaceyDays said...

Hi Marsha....ITs Lacey!! Your babies are soooo cute. Congratulations. BEing a MOM is the best gift ever!!

McMemories said...

Marsha your twins are just beautiful!! Congrats to you guys!! Having twins is such a blessing and we are so happy for you guys!! Take it from us, you will get NO sleep for a while-we still are not:) but we LOVE every moment as I'm sure you do to because everything we went through to get them here, right!! We send our love!!
Love-Lyndsie,Brian and boys!!

Coree Adams said...

MARSHA!!! It's Coree Mac, how the heck are you? Your babies are so freakin cute!!! My blog is private so if you wanna see it email me!

Bryce and Adrian Hummel Family said...

He girl! I am soooo excited for you. Congrats on the cute babies. Miss you.