Thursday, October 2, 2008

Getting around

After last Thursday's Doctors appointment Monica and I were in no rush to go home. I was a bit down as I could not talk Doc into delivering babies. So we went to Culvers and ate some really good frozen yogurt.  Still not in a hurry to go home, Monica suggested a Target run, if I would drive the cart. I agreed, and she got a kick out of all the looks I was getting from shoppers. 

After Tuesday's Doctors appointment I was so happy. Doctor took me off bed rest. I could go out again, and even though I had been staying a bit more on my feet the previous few days, at least Seth would stop getting mad at me about it. 
With the new found freedom we decided to go to the state fair. Lived here 3 years now and this was our first time.
Of course we had to find "Big Tex" and get a picture with him. 

Even though I was off bed rest. We didn't think my 5 weeks resting body could walk around the fair grounds. We rented a wheel chair and Seth pushed me around. The few times I got up to walk, Eliot wanted to ride in the chair. We had lots of fun and I tried dippin dots for the first time. I was looking for fry bread...couldn't find any....must be an Arizona thing.  Seth agreed to go far too easily. I later figured out it was because he was hoping to find some more coins for his collection, sadly he didn't find any. 

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