Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dressing up babies

Grandma is having a fun time dressing up babies. After the sponge bath today, this is how cute the babies looked
This was Weston's BIG TRUCK outfit yesterday. We dressed him but kept forgetting to get a picture while he was awake and with his sister. Samantha was just to cute in all the pink and with her hands by her face. Am I taking enough pictures?Samantha's head is so small the hat does not stay off her face and eyes. She is my little bank robber.
Grandma has been here a week now, I will be terribly lost without her when the second week is up.
I am doing well, slowly recovering. Swelling is slowly descending in my legs. Quite a site to see.
Babies are awesome and a handful. Weston lets us hear his lungs regularly. Samantha has yet to scream at us.

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mammamac said...

Hi Marsha,
It is so fun to see you with your bundles of love. They are both such beautiful babies.
Your Mom has kept me up on the arrival, the pictures, etc. You'd think Mandi would, but I guess she is pretty busy. I am going to go help there when she has her baby.
I was thinking the other day of when you came and interviewed me on Motherhood and gave me a copy of what I said. i was reading it the other day. Thankyou for giving me that. I know you are a great mom and I know you are probably feeling overwhelmed. Lyndsie has done really well and she went through the initial bewilderment, but all is going well. love you and am so very happy for you and Seth. Susan