Monday, September 8, 2008

Bed rest

I am starting my 3rd week of bed rest. Or as I would like to call it house arrest. I sit in my chair all day and part of the night. 

I have to use the restroom a couple times an hour as the babies sit right on my bladder and the doctor tells me to drink lots of water. 
I get up to eat get food, cuz I'm trying to make my belly so big that I can no longer see my swollen feet. 

I'm not sleeping well. I fall asleep in my chair around 1 or 2 am, I wake in the middle of the night and move to the bed. Then I wake for the day around 10. I know, must be nice to follow this grueling schedule. If your up late and want to chat, give me a call....I'm awake. 

I have been reading and watching TV, ALOT. Seth is tired from working all day and coming home to make dinner and take care of me. Both Seth and I have been blessed not only with this pregnancy but recently with some new friends. 

Monica and her daughter Eliot come over almost daily to entertain me. Some days Monica brings food with her and her husband Trevor comes to my house after work and we all have dinner together. I am rather impressed at her meal planning. She is able to plan a meal for two families and put together in someone else's kitchen, while I stress over Mac & cheese in my own home. I have been paying attention though. I know that soon enough Seth with turn the cooking over to me. 

Seth is relieved to have a break in making dinner and gets some time to himself to be on the computer. I am happy to have someone to talk and laugh with and find I look forward to their next visit rather then dreading the time in my chair. We play cards too....Hand & Foot as couples and Peanuts for just Monica and I. 

I hope none of this sounds like I'm complaining. As I am so happy to be pregnant, ecstatic to be having twins and to be a mother. Grateful for a husband that does so much and thankful for a blooming friendship. 

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