Friday, September 26, 2008

Baby Shower

Last Saturday, Sept 20th, 3 wonderful ladies hosted a baby shower for me. I was determined to still be pregnant for the shower. But was hopeful to go into labor that night or anytime after. Six days later I'm still pregnant, things never go the way I plan! 

Marji (mother of boy/girl twins), Brandy (mother of boy/girl twins) and Janice (visiting teaching companion) were the 3 wonderful ladies from my ward. We had chocolate treats, games and advice for the new mother as I opened the gift from each lady. I had so much fun and appreciate the great friends I have made in the Sachse ward. 

Cindy Woodruff was the only non-Sachse ward woman at the shower. She is a family friend from the days of living in the twin homes in Mesa, Arizona. We decided we met when I was 6 years old. Mom and Cindy are great friends and her son Sammy and I were baptized on the same day. Cindy lives in Heath, TX now, a short trip from Wylie. 

In attendance from left to right. 
Carol, Cindy, Sharsten, Me, Lisa, Marji, Janice and Kathy

Brynn, Brenda, Michelle, Stacie, Angela and her daughter. 

On a side note. The reason my hand is on my belly (my hand is there quite often) is because little boy likes to stretch his feet and push on my belly right there. I find it very uncomfortable and am trying to push him back down. This struggle is constant...should I be worried? =)

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