Tuesday, September 9, 2008

33 weeks

Mom has been asking for an updated picture of me. We took the picture this morning before I walked out the door to see the doctors. That's right with twins you get to see multiple doctors. 

I am overly happy to see the doctor, mostly because I get to leave the house for a bit. I'm sure that feeling won't change after the babies are here. 

I have great news, I get to leave the house every now and then. If I stay off my feet and don't overdue. At least the scenery will change. 

Little boy face, look at his cute chubby cheeks!
This is all we could get sono's of. Little girl is still in a position where were can't see her face. I'm afraid the boy has taken up any extra space and she is stuck in her little corner. 

The babies are doing great. 
Little boy is measuring 5.6 lbs
Little girl is measuring 4.13 lbs. 
Doctors tell me they are big and ask if big babies run in the family which apparently they do. 

The bigger the babies get the less I can see during the ultrasounds. Not as fun as it was in the beginning. But I still get to hear heartbeats and verify which child is the one making me terribly uncomfortable....that would be little boy, in case you were wondering. 

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