Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Trip to Arizona

My Husband and I recently took a trip to Arizona for my Baby Shower, since I grew up there and still has a lot of friends and family living there. First Seth had to wash the dogs:

We headed out on Saturday morning taking the 380 highway across Texas and eventually to Roswell, NM. We spotted some aliens while we were there:

And ate some pretty good food at some Mexican Restaurant:

The next day we took a scenic drive threw Ruidoso, NM:

As we continued our journey heading west from Socorro, NM along Highway 60 we came across my husbands favorite stop on the trip - the National Radio Astronomy Observatory’s VLA (Very large Array):

After some more scenic roads threw eastern Arizona we finally made it to Mesa for dinner at my Mother's house:

After dinner we quickly made our way to Peoria were we were staying with some friends:

For the next week we seemed to drive all over the Phoenix area, and since we are expecting twins, and my feet where already swollen, I made Seth do most of the driving:

Seth spent a lot of his time working on his book, but even after revising the whole thing, for a the second time, He still don’t feel satisfied with it.

We also managed to go see the Emma Smith movie at one of the few theaters it was playing at, and to take a trip out to my grandmother’s place:

Latter that week we picked up my sister-in-law, and we all went out for pedicures:

Latter we went to the mall for some shopping and some really good food at The Cheese Cake Factory:

I had her baby shower that Saturday, and after a short time at church on Sunday (after finding that they had just changed the meeting times) we headed home. On the way home we made another stop for my husbands sake at the Meteor Crater just east of Flagstaff:

We stayed in Albuquerque that night, and then spent the whole next day driving home threw Texas.

The biggest thing Seth learned on this trip was that even if its 15 degrees hotter in Phoenix, the lack of humidity seemed to make it some what more bearable to him. I think he hates the Dallas area even more now and wishes we had moved to Phoenix three years ago. I guess actually being able to cool down a bit in the shade, and the mountains close by felt a little more like home to him; however, he did point out that the car felt more like an oven and got a lot hotter a lot quicker.

Writing his book wasn't as easy as he'd hoped either, and despite how good he is at it or how much I like the way he writes, that doesn’t mean it’s going to sell. He does have some new ideas though, so maybe in another two years of writing this book in what little spare time he feels like he has, maybe It’ll become something worth submitting to a publisher.

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